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WorkRelated understands workplace challenges and offers trustworthy expertise in all aspects of HR and Workplace Investigations.

Whether it's providing investigation services or HR consultancy across the entire spectrum of your business, WorkRelated helps clients mitigate employment risks and improve performance outcomes.


A range of customized services are offered on a flexible contracted or focused project basis. 


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WorkRelated continuously refines its approach to human resources and ensures services offered are flexible, creative and innovative to help support your business needs.

Workplace Investigations

Every problem requires its own methods of investigation, WorkRelated collaborates with clients to develop a customized investigation plan that's appropriate to the allegations.

HR Consulting

WorkRelated provides a full-spectrum of services to ensure compliance with the ever-changing employment landscape. 


Coaching services with WorkRelated is one of the most valuable investments one can make for current or emerging leaders. 


"Ms. Hudson’s demonstrated skills leading investigations, negotiations and coaching reflects that she is adept at making sense of new facts and data, has the ability to join people where they are and build a climate of trust and respect. WorkRelated will provide a major resource to guide and support employers’ businesses." 

E. C. Dillard
Adjunct Professor in Social Work & Human Resources Expert

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