Workplace Investigations

Considering internal and external complexities, WorkRelated ensures investigations are impartial, thorough, and conducted in a timely manner. WorkRelated has experience with all kinds of complex allegations. Such as Bullying, Hostile Work Environments, Employee and Managerial Abusive Conduct, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Theft, Whistleblower Retaliation, Workers’ Compensation Fraud, or Workplace Violence.


Have confidence in hiring great talent and use WorkRelated’s Applicant Screening Services. Pre-employment background checks are the best way to discover issues that could adversely affect your business.

WorkRelated has the skills and experience to conduct any investigation you may need. 

HR Consulting

No matter the level of service you need, WorkRelated can help with numerous HR services including HR Strategy, HR Assessment, HR Policy and Process Audits, Risk Mitigation, Policy Development, Employee Handbook Development, Compliance Management, Compensation Planning, Talent Acquisition, Training, and Development.


WorkRelated has a flexible approach to help clients determine their needs and offers customized advice that best fits within a budgetary framework. 


Working confidentially on a 1:1 basis means working in a collaborative and supportive way. Since no two engagements are alike the process is customized to the unique needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization.


Coaching success with measurable and meaningful results is tied to the client’s motivation and their ability. Coaching has the power to be truly transformative and requires collaboration and commitment between the coach and client in a thought-provoking and creative process.


Let’s collaborate to create the impact you actually want!